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Building and architectural acoustics

Acoustic design and analysis:

  • building acoustics, architectural acoustics, construction and urban acoustics,
  • calculations of acoustic insulation for impact and airborne sound in INSUL software,
  • designing the acoustics of the building, solutions of partitions, selection of interior finishing materials,
  • computer modeling of room acoustics in CATT Acoustics and IMMI software,
  • vibration isolation,
  • ventilation systems noise calculations,
  • calculations of the investment’s impact on the environmental noise.

Acoustic measurements:

  • acoustic parameters of rooms,
  • acoustic insulation for impact and airborne sound,
  • building vibrations and its influence on habitants and construction,
  • noise in the building
  • vibration monitoring.

Acoustic measurements:

  • School classes,
  • Auditoriums and lecture halls,
  • Concert halls,
  • Chamber music halls,
  • University auditoriums,
  • Radio broadcast and recording studios,
  • Music rehearsal rooms,
  • Sports halls,
  • Cinema and entertainment halls,
  • Sound insulation of partitions in hotels,
  • Sound insulation of partitions in a multi-family buildings.

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